Windshield Mount Permanent Whistler Radars
Windshield Mount Permanent Whistler Radars

Windshield Mount Permanent Whistler Radars


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Windshield Mount Permanent Whistler Radars

Windshield Mount Permanent Whistler Radars

 This is a specially designed, high-quality products, the mount bracket is perfectly fit, tight no wobble and also will Not Easily Fall Off in COLD or HOT Weather

 This mount comes stander bent at a 45° angle, The metal is designed to bend without breaking, Adjust the angle so when mounted the detector is level with road.

 The 3M tape is GRAY COLORED



GT 138Xi, GT 268Xi, GT 468Xi, Pro 93GXi, CR65, CR68, CR70, CR73, CR75, CR80, CR85, CR88, CR90, CR93, CR97, 911ST, 930ST, 959ST, 975, 1460, 1465, 1470, 1475, 1480, 1485, 1490, 1495, 1510, 1530, 1540, 1545, 1560, 1565, 1570, 1575, 1580, 1585, 1595SE, 1605, 1610, 1630, 1640, 1670LDA, 948EURO, BY55, DARLINGTON, DAYTONA, DE1650, DE1655, DE1660, DE1665, DE1675, DE1730, DE1732, DE1733, DE1734, DE1740, DE1743, DE1745, DE1748, DE1750, DE1753, DE1760, DE1763, DE1765, DE1773, DE1776, DE1778, DE1780, DE1783, DE1785, DE1788, DE1790SE, DE1793SE, PRO-78SE, PRO58, PRO68, PRO68SE, PRO73, PRO78, SL500, SRT-30R, SRT-35R, TALLADEGA, XTR105, XTR130, XTR140, , XTR145, XTR150, XTR185, XTR190, XTR220, XTR255, XTR260, XTR265, XTR325, XTR330, XTR335, XTR338, XTR420, XTR425, XTR430, XTR440, XTR438, XTR500, XTR520, XTR540, XTR550, XTR555, XTR558, XTR560, XTR575, XTR685, XTR690, XTR690SE, XTR695, XTR695SE, Z-11R+, Z-15R+, Z-19R+

If your radar model is not in the list, please ask a question before purchasing this item.



1 x Windshield Mount Permanent Whistler Radars

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