Windshield Mount Whistler Radars
Windshield Mount Whistler Radars

Windshield Mount Whistler Radars


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Windshield Mount Whistler Radars

Windshield Mount Whistler Radars



The part of the mount that fits into the radar detector is 20 mm.



GT 138Xi, GT 268Xi, GT 468Xi, Pro 93GXi, CR65, CR68, CR70, CR73, CR75, CR80, CR85, CR88, CR90, CR93, CR97, 911ST, 930ST, 959ST, 975, 1460, 1465, 1470, 1475, 1480, 1485, 1490, 1495, 1510, 1530, 1540, 1545, 1560, 1565, 1570, 1575, 1580, 1585, 1595SE, 1605, 1610, 1630, 1640, 1670LDA, 948EURO, BY55, DARLINGTON, DAYTONA, DE1650, DE1655, DE1660, DE1665, DE1675, DE1730, DE1732, DE1733, DE1734, DE1740, DE1743, DE1745, DE1748, DE1750, DE1753, DE1760, DE1763, DE1765, DE1773, DE1776, DE1778, DE1780, DE1783, DE1785, DE1788, DE1790SE, DE1793SE, PRO-78SE, PRO58, PRO68, PRO68SE, PRO73, PRO78, SL500, SRT-30R, SRT-35R, TALLADEGA, XTR105, XTR130, XTR-135, XTR140, , XTR145, XTR150, XTR185, XTR190, XTR220, XTR255, XTR260, XTR265, XTR325, XTR330, XTR335, XTR338, XTR420, XTR425, XTR430, XTR440, XTR438, XTR500, XTR520, XTR540, XTR550, XTR555, XTR558, XTR560, XTR575, XTR685, XTR690, XTR690SE, XTR695, XTR695SE, Z-11R+, Z-15R+, Z-19R+, 4500ES, MFU440, 500EX, 5025EX, 5050EX, 5075EXS……….…. and will fit other models not listed.



1 x Windshield Mount Whistler

3 x High Quality Suction Cups

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