Whistler Ws1040 Digital Handheld Scanner Radio
Whistler Ws1040 Digital Handheld Scanner Radio

Whistler Ws1040 Digital Handheld Scanner Radio


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Whistler Ws1040 Digital Handheld Scanner Radio


The WS1040 stores up to 1,800 frequencies and lets you search for nearby frequency transmissions and automatically jump to a found transmission.

The WS1040 scanner with Object Oriented
User Interface is designed to help hobbyist build a
collection of channels to scan:
• Start small and expand
• Organize channels and talk groups
• Remove unwanted channels and talk groups

• Alert LED – Multi-colour LED can be configured to illuminate or flash when certain objects are active.
• Audible Alarms – Audible alarms can be configured to sound when certain Scannable Objects are active.
• Automatic Adaptive Digital Tracking – Adapts the digital decoder to the digital modulation format of the transmitted signal, then analyses the signal over 50 times each second.
• Backlit Liquid Crystal Display – Easy to read.
• Digital AGC – Compensates low user audio levels on digital systems.
• Flexible Antenna with BNC Connector – Provides strong local signals. Connect an external antenna for improved reception.
• Free-Form Memory Organization – Allocation of memory dynamically.
• High-Speed PC Interface – Use a USB Scanner programming cable for full-duplex mode at 6 times the speed of previous scanner models for PC transfer / 8 times the speed of previous models for radio-to-radio cloning.
• Key Lock – Lock the keys to help prevent accidentally changing the programming.
• Lock-out Function – Skips specified channels/frequencies when scanning or searching.
• LTR Home Repeater Auto Move – Takes the guesswork out of programming LTR trunking systems when the home repeater order is not known.

• Memory Backup – Frequencies remain stored in memory for an extended time.
• Menu Driven Programming with Context Sensitive Help – Provides a few lines of help text that provide assistance with programming and using the scanner.
• Multi-System Trunking – Scans the most common trunked radio system signalling formats.
• Object-Oriented User Interface – Features common data entry, browsing, and control methods.
• P25 NAC Functionality – P25 Network Access Code (NAC) is used to provide selective squelch operation on conventional digital channels.
• PC programmable – backup data, update database and program scanner directly from a PC. (BuTel ARC500, PSREdit500 or Win500 software required)
• Priority Channel – Check one channel every two seconds while scanning.
• Real-time Signal Strength Indicator – Shows strength of signals.
• SAME and All Hazards Weather Alerting – Displays weather events/sounds an alert for a county of your choice.
• Scan Delay – For two seconds before moving to another channel to hear replies.
• Scan List – Allows you to arrange, group and scan objects according to preference.
• SkyWarn Storm Spotter Functionality – Monitor storm conditions as they occur.
• Spectrum Sweeper – Sweeps the scanner’s frequency ranges for transmissions.
• Sub audible Squelch Decoder – CTCSS/DCS sub audible squelch coding is processed by a DSP chip.
• Three Power Options – Power the scanner using batteries, external AC power (supplied), or DC power (not supplied).
• Tune – Find new/unlisted frequencies.
• Scanner Technology – Saves radio configurations.


Unit Dimensions (IN): 5.71 H x 2.56 W x 1.65 L
Unit Weight: .53 lbs.


• Digital Hand-held Scanner
• PC/IF Cable, AC Adapter
• Flex Antenna
• Black Battery Shell
• Yellow Rechargeable Battery Shell
• User Guide

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