Sun visor clip Escort Beltronics Radars


Sun visor clip Escort Beltronics Radars


Sun visor clip Escort Beltronics Radars


Metal Sun Visor Clip Mount for Escort, Beltronics Passport Radar Detectors

The installation position will not make the radar detector directly rays of the sun, so the radar detector that will not getting overheated or damaged on it and make your radar detector stealth.


X70, X80, S55, New Passport, RedLine, STi Magnum, STi Magnesium Construction, STi Driver, GX65, GX55, C65, C55, RX65, RX55, Vector 995, V6, V8, V10, V12, Pro100, Pro200, Pro300, Vector 965, Vector 955, Newer Vector 940, Vector 895 & Express 795, Passport 9500iX, Passport 9500i, Passport 8500×50, Passport 8500, Solo S2, Solo S3, Solo S4, Solo S5, Solo RD-5110, Solo 4, Solo 5, Passport 7500S, Passport 7500, 6800, 5000, 4600, 4500, and 4200
Not Compatible with The Escort Max Series & GT-7

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Sun visor clip for Escort, Beltronics Radars


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