Uniden Uh5060 OR


Uniden Uh5060 OR


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Uniden Uh5060 OR Radio


  • 80 UHF Narrowband Channels*:¬†Choose
  • from up to 80 frequencies to transmit and
  • receive messages.
  • Mini Compact Size:¬†24mm (H) x 100mm f:N)
  • x 95mm (D).
  • Remote Speaker Microphone with
  • built-in Large LCD Display:¬†Control all
  • functions and features remotely, including
  • volume and power on/off.
  • LCD Backllght, Brightness and
  • Contrast Controls
  • 5W Transmission Power:¬†Maximum
  • transmit power.
  • Dual Speaker with Synchronised
  • Volume:¬†Speaker at the Base and Microphone
  • Extension Cable:¬†Use the cable extension
  • and keep the radio hidden from view.
  • Signal Strength and RF Power (S/RF)
  • Meter
  • Instant Channel Programming and
  • Recall:¬†Program any channel as the Instant
  • priority channel and recall it at the touch of
  • a button located on the mic.
  • Open Scan:¬†This scan mode scans all
  • channels in memory and locks on any
  • active channel.
  • Group Scan:¬†This scan mode allows the user
  • to select the channels they wish to monitor/
  • listen to in a group, along with a priority channel
  • (priority watch).
  • Dual Watch:¬†Allows you to monitor the
  • priority channel for activity every two seconds
  • while monitoring another UHF channel at the
  • same time.
  • Monitor On/Off Function
  • Duplex Capability:¬†Allows the radio to
  • operate via a local repeater station, if available,
  • which re-transmits your signal over a wider
  • Up to an extra 30-100km depending
  • on location, height and availability of local
  • repeater station.
  • K ey Beep On/Off Function
  • Busy Channel Lock-out Function:¬†Disables
  • your transmitter while activity is detected on
  • the channel.
  • Roger Beep Function On/Off:¬†Confirmation
  • tone indicates the completion of your
  • Call Tone Function:¬†Choose from one of 5
  • wake-up tones to initiate your transmission with
  • the touch of one microphone button.
  • Auto Squelch:¬†Adjustable 3 Level Auto
  • Squelch function.
  • Volume Control:¬†Adjustable volume control
  • levels (0 ‚Äď 7).
  • External Speaker Jack
  • CT CSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch
  • system) and DCS (Digital Coded Squelch)
  • Codes:¬†Choose from 38 (CTCSS) and 104
  • (DCS) digital codes that can be sent with your
  • The code is recognized by the
  • selected receivers enabling them to receive the
  • Receivers that do not recognize
  • the code remain silent therefore blocking out
  • unwanted conversations.
  • Designed & Engineered in Japan
  • Built Rugged for Australian and
  • New Zealand Conditions


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