Uniden Xtrak 40


Uniden Xtrak 40


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55 / 100
  • 80 UHF Narrowband Channels*:Choose from up to 80 Frequencies to transmit and receive messages.
  • Instant Replay Function:Record and Replay up to 3 minutes of recently received Transmissions
  • Master Scan®– Uninterrupted Communication
  • Master Scan®allows a group of users to seamlessly communicate on not just one channel but a group of channels. If your current channel is interrupted by others outside of the group, all radios in your group will automatically hop to a new clear channel allowing seamless uninterrupted communication to continue.
  • Mini Compact Size:29mm (H) x 128mm (W) x 103mm (D)
  • UHF & Scanner in One#
  • External Speaker Jack (Rear)
  • Police and Fire Frequencies#
  • 12 / 24 Voltage Suitable for any vehicle
  • 100 Extra Receive Only Channels:(400-520MHz in 12.5kHz Steps) #
  • Heavy Duty Speaker Microphone with Smart Key Function
  • Mic Smart Key:Allows you to toggle between the Voice
  • Enhancer Feature, Instant Replay Feature, Instant Channel
  • or Call Tone Feature depending on your requirements.
  • Large LCD Display Feature:
  • Large icon display.
  • 7 Colour LCD / Backlit Options:Select from 7 backlit
  • colour options: Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Cyan, Yellow
  • and Clear (white) and 4 brightness levels: Off, Lo, Mid
  • and Hi.
  • Voice Enhancer:Choose from 4 different audio level
  • settings (Normal, Bass, Midrange and High) to provide a
  • natural Voice Enhancer for super clarity and performance.
  • Interference Eliminator (CTCSS):
  • Block out unwanted conversations.
  • Digital Coded Squelch (DCS):Choose from 104
  • alternative digital codes that can be sent with your
  • The digital code is recognised by the
  • selected receivers enabling them to receive the
  • Receivers that do not recognise the digital
  • code remain silent therefore blocking out unwanted
  • Built-In AVS Circuitry:
  • The Automatic Volume Stabiliser detects Narrowband
  • and Wideband transmissions and automatically adjusts
  • incoming audio to comparable levels.
  • 5W Transmission Power:Maximum transmit power.
  • Signal Strength and RF Power (S/RF) Meter
  • Instant Channel Programming and Recall:
  • Program any channel as the Instant priority channel
  • and recall it at the touch of a button.
  • Open Scan:This scan mode scans all channels
  • in memory and locks on any active channel.
  • Group Scan:This scan mode allows the user to select
  • the channels they wish to monitor / listen to in a group,
  • along with a priority channel (priority watch).
  • Duplex Capability:Allows the radio to operate via
  • a local repeater station, if available, which re-transmits
  • your signal over a wider area. Up to an extra 3-100km
  • depending on location, height and availability of local
  • repeater station.
  • Triple Watch:Allows you to monitor two channels
  • plus the standby channel every 1.5 Seconds.
  • Key Beep On / Off Feature
  • Rotary CH/VOL Select Knob
  • Busy Channel Lock-out Function:Disables your
  • transmitter while activity is detected on the channel.
  • Roger Beep Function On/Off:Confirmation tone
  • indicates the completion of your transmission.
  • Voice Scramble Function:Enabling private
  • communication by scrambling the voice signal, preventing
  • other users without special scrambling equipment from
  • understanding the conversation. Compatible Uniden units
  • will be able to understand the signal.
  • Call Tones:Transmit up to 10 different calling tones to
  • contact other users.
  • Key Lock
  • Power On/Off Control Switch
  • Designed and Engineered in Japan
  • Built for Rugged Australia and
  • New Zealand Conditions


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