Windshield mount Uniden radars


Windshield mount Uniden radars


Windshield Mount Bracket+2 Suction Cups

* The part of the mount that fits into the radar detector is 20mm wide and 30mm long.

* This auction is for a windshield bracket and 2 suction cups attached to it.


Uniden R7, R3 and R1 (and all “R” Series) DFR1, DFR3, DFR5, DFR6, DFR7, DFR8, DFR9 and series DSP
LRD300, LRD350, LRD400, LRD450, LRD500, LRD550, LRD600, LRD650, LRD700, LRD750, LRD800, LRD850, LRD900, LRD950, LRD6199 SW, LRD6499 SW

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