Whistler PRO93GXI Radar Detector

Whistler PRO93GXI Radar Detector




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Whistler PRO93GXI Radar Detector


“ALL NEW” FDSR (Field Disturbance Sensor Rejection) combats false alerts
“ALL NEW” TFSR (Traffic Flow Signal Rejection) helps eliminate alerts from radar based traffic flow sensors
“ALL NEW” REVISED BLUE OLED TEXT DISPLAY provides clear & more distinct text display & alerts
INTERNAL GPS locates & alerts to all red light & speed camera locations in Aus. Database is updated via USB.
Ka NARROW MODES (34.0, 34.3 GHz) Aus Use Only
DETECTS AUSTRALIAN / EUROPEAN LASER GUNS speed measurement equipment such as Virionic Poliscan Speed, Pro Laser 3, LTi 20/20, Trucam, Traffipatrol XR, Riegl, Jenoptik, Laveg, and more
ALERT PERISCOPES LEDs on top of the unit provide additional visual alert
POP® MODE DETECTION speed detection capability responds to brief bursts of radar
360° MAXX RADAR COVERAGE detects front, sides, and rear
3 CITY MODES(City, City 1, & City 2) reduce the annoyance of false alerts
SELECTABLE TONE ALERTS audible alerts for bands received
DIM / DARK reduces the illumination of the display.
QUIET / AUTO QUIET silences audio alerts
ALERT PRIORITY displays most important signal when more than one is detected
SETTING SAVER saves personalized settings when unit is off
VEHICLE BATTERY SAVER auto shuts off your detector if you forget to turn it off

Size: 25.4mm(H) 72.4mm(W) 105.4(L)
Weight: 130.4g
Power: 12V

Warranty: 1 year


What’s in the box:

Included Accessories: Windshield Bracket Kit, Power Cord, Manual